The Common Thread Tarot Deck

A little bit outside the norm, this deck packs a delightful punch based on exploring the Fool's Journey. Square in shape and featuring only Major Arcana cards in whimsical, bold illustrations. Just a head's up - nudity features strongly in this deck. So if you are offended by naked boy bits and girl bits then it's best you give this deck a serious pass! 

Below you will find a little bit more information about the deck. Including the pdf journal I created to accompany the cards. 

 The Hermit

The Hermit

The style

Like everything I draw (and quite reflective of real life), the illustrations are imperfectly perfect.  I love, with a huge passion, pop-surrealism, tattoo culture and vibrant colours with black outlines, reminiscent of old style comics. I don't know why I like black outlines on my work, I do know that my illustrations feel incomplete without them. A bit like my black eyeliner that I can't throw away. 

 Cards from The Common Thread Deck

Cards from The Common Thread Deck

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 The Common Thread Tarot Journal

The Common Thread Tarot Journal

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TCT Journal ©Hand Me That Pencil

The journal is A4 sized and colour but you can print in black & white.  It has questions I frequently use when I'm getting to know a new deck and I thought they might be useful for you too.

If you're printing it at home, print it double sided. That way you'll find the questions on one side and then a blank page on the other side for extra notes. (I always make PLENTY of notes!)