The Song Of My Heart Deck

The Song of My Heart deck has words and illustrations I needed to hear/see after a 10 year battle with and through cancer. Her voice has strength, confidence and hope. Based on the diverse women of New Zealand (my home), she is filled with illustrations of iconic places within this country, our beautiful landscape, our flora and fauna.

Cleansing Tools


Before your deck is packaged for you, I cleanse it by passing it through white sage smoke. I want your deck to arrive full of good juju and ready for you to crack her open and start using her. While waiting to be posted, your deck has a crystal wand placed on her, clear quartz and rose quartz are my 'go to' crystals for charging the cards.   


SOMH Little White Booklet

LWB download

LWB Cover

The Song Of My Heart deck comes with a Little White Booklet (LWB).  Within it's pages are secrets to delving deeper within your SOMH deck. Rich with symbolism surrounding the icons used in the illustrations, this LWB will add a new dimension to your readings. 

Commercial printery information.

File size: 105mm x 148mm + 3mm bleed





tarot journal pages

I recommend journaling your readings as a tool to help you connect with your cards and elevate your tarot practice. In my Etsy store you can find the tarot journal I created to accompany this deck. With a beautifully printed cover and blank pages inside, you can draw your cards and use it in the style of a bullet journal. Perfect for stationery addicts and tarot junkies!