Learning To Witch Deck

The Learning To Witch Deck is a 47 card oracle deck for connecting with self. She helps you explore crystal energy plus basic associations of the elements and moon cycles.

LTW elemental cards

LTW elemental cards

Deck details

Card Size is 7cm × 12cm

(2.75 × 4.75 inches) 

☽  elemental cards

☽  crystal energy cards  

☽  moon energy cards

And a whole heap of others!

☽  Printed on 350gsm cardstock (gloss finish)

LTW deck

LTW deck


If you are here to check out the journal - feel free to have a look around.

If you fall in love with the deck then click the button and head to my Etsy store to buy her.

Free downloadable tarot journal

Free downloadable tarot journal

Click link to download LTW journal

LTW journal download

The Learning To Witch comes with a free downloadable journal. You can print this at home or at a commercial printery.

Inside are the questions I ask of every new deck - as part of getting to know her.

It helps to foster a more intimate connection with your cards and is something I highly recommend.