Daydreaming and procrastinating

My best intentions to be an 'artist who blogs regularly' never succeed in reality. I'm ok with that 😊. 

For the past couple months I've been working on creating a journal for my classes/students. Something that consolidates design basics, drawing exercises and tips, creative activities and a collection of 'pretty pictures'.  

Its a bigger undertaking than what I thought it would be. It started small and then I realised you can't do this without a bit of that and if you add those then some of them would be great too!  

Its fun to make and fingers crossed it will be fun to work through and will maybe help ignite some creativity and magic in someone else's life. Sharing my passion and all that jazz.

Ive attached a few pictures of completed illustrations - let me know what you think ✌🏼💗✨ 



Creative Journaling Roundup

Over the last couple months I've had the pleasure of hanging out with some lovely ladies and 'arting' on Tuesday nights. 

Tonight was the final night for this first round of classes. A very quiet night with half our classmates out sick - get better!! It's been pretty special to have a bunch of students go from 'I can't draw' (biggest lie EVER - everyone can draw), to hearing 'Wow! That's amazing!' So cool to be a part of someone's creative journey.  

Over the ten weeks, we have doodled, created patterns, drawn mermaids and my spirit dolls, which are cocooned ladies hanging from branches. Learned the magic that is possible with paint and a scraping motion, practices drawing faces, collages, made little books that fold out and tell one big story.... So much fun! 

Onwards to the next round of classes, for beginners that will be Thursday 3 May. To register just email: or call in and see Justine at LeftBank Art Supplies. 



Colouring Paper Doll templates



Magic hair!



Beautiful patterns! 



Template transferred to wet strength cartridge paper using graphite transfer paper - a great product for in your artist toolkit.



Tracy is lost in creative process, concentrating hard and Chris is making a watercolour wash with her yumbo Inktense pencils.




Choosing the next colour for her watercolour adventures! 

New Beginners Journaling Class

We are nearing the end of the first creative journaling class. Ten weeks of classes has been crazy, creative fun as we have played with whimsical illustration.

A great bunch of ladies gathered every Tuesday and got messy with paint, acrylic, ink and pencil. More than a few laughs and some seriously beautiful work produced. It's such an amazing feeling to have someone say they cannot draw and to watch them walk out at the end of the night with a (mostly) finished piece of art. Well done ladies! 

Over the course of the ten weeks, we've played with using pattern to make simple line drawings POP!! Mermaids, castles, face drawing, we've painted crazy backgrounds and drawn in sailing boats pulled by magical sea horses - all of the magic, in all of the world. 

Last week we created an illustrated quote with ink and hand drawn type. One of the great things about journaling is how every ones final piece, is unique. 

With one more lesson for this course, it's time to think about the next one. New classes will start Thursday 4th May at 5.30pm, at LeftBank Art Supplies on Taupo Quay. This is a beginners course. Going through basic journaling techniques and aimed at unleashing your inner creative magic.  

Course costs $240.00, payable to Hand Me That Pencil and booking is a must! Spaces are limited with only 4 of 6 spots available. You can register by emailing:  

Let's create some magic!


Student work - creating a castle



Spirit Doll lesson


Gesso handmade book - student work

Gesso handmade book - student work


Work in progress - student work



Work in progress - student work

2018 AOS dissection

I was in a new spot this year, with the best boss ever Frances Sim Higgins, letting me show my work from LeftBank Art Supplies. 

It was great to be in with other artists and I acquired some sneaky, sneaky tips and skills from being around  Julz Coffey! Julz is reknowned as a Fibre Artist and maker of beautiful things. Quite pleased to be bringing two of her pieces home with me this year! (You can find Julz on Facebook under Julie Coffey Artist and Frances Sim Higgins has a page as well - highly recommend looking at their work annnnd both do workshops and lessons).

I'm not quite sure yet what the highlight was for me from this year. I am the proud new owner of a lovely mixed media piece by Tanya Hayton (The Paper Package), which I'll photograph and share after I pick it up tomorrow. I met lovely folk - as I always do at markets and AOS. My circle of 'woowoo', cool kids has grown as well as some work collaborations I'm pretty excited about! 

What was a nice surprise, was the interest in my 'doodle' pages. Both in the (undrawn on) painted backgrounds, which I prep and scan for my creative journaling. And then the overwhelming response to my little characters and ships was VERY unexpected. I know that my colour combinations are not traditional, so to have so many people love them as a work of art to hang in their homes was seriously awesome sauce! All up, 14 ships, mermaids and magical castles have been adopted by AOS visitors - pretty crazy cool right? With 2 more commissioned. Obviously I need to change my focus and spend my life creating inspiring words and telling stories with lines in white.

I don't remember how many times I've been asked about the pens I use. I happened across them on my internet travels and can honestly say - there is NOTHING like them in New Zealand. Like seriously - they are not sold here. But I'm working on it, with the help of the best boss in the world and a company halfway round the world, we hope (cross your fingers - we're doing the hoop jumping now), to have them for sale soon. It will be worth the wait, I KNOW you're going to love them as much as I do.

For all those who came out and once again supported me, I thank you very much. For those waiting on digital prints of original art works that sold before you could get your hands on them, they will be available within two weeks from my Etsy store. If you live in Wanganui, I will create a coupon code that when used, will let me know you'd like to pick it up from LeftBank Art Supplies.  

Its time for bed now - I have some serious sleeping to catch up on! 

J xox