The Wanderers

I think these babies deserve a bigger post... They’re just so yummy and are seriously making my heart smile.  

The Wanderers are little boats/ships, sometimes with a lady aboard, who are out living a life of adventure. I usually draw these, on one of my crazy painted backgrounds. I love that they feel hopeful and brave and intrepid all at the same time. I kinda hope they inspire other people in the same way! To me they represent a spiritual journey and are all tied up with positive vibes and good juju.



I started making these with a mold made from Jovi air dry clay. It’s quite chunky so that I can create tiny boats by using the inside as a base or go bigger by sculpting a form around the outside. 

I’ve been using Sculptamold and that stuff is yumbo! Really light weight which helps make them feel delicate and you can create awesome texture in its pulpy surface. If you are one of those weird creatures after a smooth surface then you could either make a runny mix, add some PVA or sand your complete boat before you start colouring it. I’m not after perfect so I do none of that.   (You can hear me laughing right?).

Colouring them is waaaaay too much fun. I’m experimenting with creating patina, and layering in some gold leaf. Then dirtying it all up a bit. Heaven!!!!  

The magic ingredient seems to be happening with the final stages of colouring. Blue Interference medium is giving the sheen that you can see. When you add that with ‘a smidge’ (technical term) of colour (turquoise), then you get that aMAZiiiiing paua colour combo that’s happening on the inside.  



Next step is detailing the outside and I cannot wait!! 

Products: Everything I’ve used I got from LeftBank Art Supplies here in Wanganui.  

Jovi Air Dry Clay for base mold

Sculptamold (Frances gave me a packet to try - best BossLady ever)

Gold leaf and size

Derivan Matisse Structure paints

Princeton fine liner brush

Das flat brush

Interference medium - Shimmering blue

Blood, sweat and tears from my own two hands.