13 days until Artists Open Studios

There's really no need for a countdown, I'm well aware that over the next two weeks my head will explode.  

I will make, at a guess, 20 lists. Twenty, because I will lose the first ones I write. I will lose the important ones first - that have the supplies I need. The last minute printing jobs that I always forget at shows. Like labels. And price tags. Because heaven forbid, someone will fall in love with something I made and HAVE to take it home.  

Which would be nice. Especially if it's something new. I've branched out this time. Made paper clay dolls, which are a little bit unusual. They are butterfly ladies. In their cocoons, with delicate line work drawn on them, gold leaf wings wrapping as casings and gently sleeping little weirdo faces. A mermaid slipped in too. Just because. 

I've been playing with larger work too. Still within my theme of wings and fins. Layers and linework, giant journal pages really. Dark, dramatic backgrounds with shimmer and a dash of iridescent paint.  

We shall see how they go! It's been pretty cool seeing artists who are in AOS coming into the shop. They all have a sprinkling of excitement about them. I'm guessing I'm further through in my mad rush panic stage than they are - or am I really the only artist who panics at a deadline?

It's all part of the process is what I tell myself. 

Tarot decks are printed and all ready to go. The Song Of My Heart deck offering stability and The Common Thread Major Arcana ready to show her face to the world. There's another deck hiding in the shadows but I'm unsure if she is ready to be unveiled yet. She's an oracle deck and making her wording perfect is taking longer than I hoped.  

Greeting cards are all printed, some new witchy designs which make my heart smile as well as images from the Bird Edition of the SOMH deck. I hope they will be loved!  

Back to the grind - terrible saying, it's not even a chore! Creating is a joy I am grateful for. 

Sending out some love and light, thanks for dropping by!

J xox




Varnish drying on my cocoon ladies.



Temperance tarot card from The Common Thread Major Arcana deck.



Detail from Metamorphosis mixed media painting.