Artists Open Studios Preparation

Last year I participated in my first Artists Open Studios here in Wanganui, New Zealand. The impetus of having a serious deadline for the next edition of my New Zealand tarot cards nearly sent me insane but it was so worth it! 

I had on display the process behind the cards. Visitors to my 'studio' could see the walls covered in journal pages, giant concept sketches and the finished cards were available for purchase. This year, I've signed up again. Return visitors will be able to buy the latest edition of My Song Of My Heart cards - The Bird Edition. Featuring flora and fauna of New Zealand illustrated on diverse ladies. 

I wanted to really push myself and create something new so there will be  dolls made from paper clay and plaster as well. After so long of working on developing my drawing it's been hard work to create with 3 dimensional creations! They are slowly coming to life and it will be interesting to see them in their final form - work in progress is a definite term for the dolls.

I will be at LeftBank Art Supplies on Taupo Quay this year, a new space with the lovely Frances Sim Higgins and Julz Coffey. I cannot wait to be a part of AOS again and look forward to seeing you there. Call in, say hello and if you are working with my deck, please tell me how you find her for readings. Feedback helps make her grow stronger as not just a piece of art but as a tool for your spiritual practice.




Song Of My Heart tarot deck - a New Zealand flavoured deck for your spiritual practice.

Paperclay art doll - little mermaid

Paperclay art doll - little mermaid

These dolls are quirky, imperfect and touched with a hint of popsurrealism and the darker side of life. 



Little faces and tons of doodling!




Fantasical creatures and ladies of myth, my dolls this year are all about wings or fins.