Plenty of places around the internet to help with new techniques to improve your art’ing.

One of the best ways to get better is to practice, practice, practice, head to these sites to find inspiration and pose references for your drawing. Also included some links to my favourite sites and free books from museums around the world.

You can find my lovely inspo’ boards on Pinterest here

GetDrawings is a free site with tonnes of great reference photos you can use.

Jane Davenport one of my favourite places on the internetty! Colour, journaling, drawing - MAGIC!

Posemaniacs free 360 degree posing guide for artists. An invaluable resource.

Metropolitian Museum UNREAL! Over 1,000 art books to download for FREE

Art Model tips is another great reference site for life drawing

Unsplash photostock library all the images are free - great for practice there are thousands of images