Creating Magic With Pencil + Ink.

I started drawing waaaaay back in the day. These days I obsess over tarot decks and witchy woo woo magical illustrations. Adoring ink whether tattoo or liquid form is a past time that brings me joy. A big fan of watercolour paint by the pencil, tin or tube.

Last but not least, I think I'm hilarrrrious!

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Traditional drawing with pencil and paper holds my heart, the rest of my time is occupied with tarot, woo woo, juju happenings and explorations. More drawing, art workshops, graphic design jobs, reading, dog patting and the usual mundane, average necessities of life stuff.



  • Graduated from art school - sanity intact.

  • Survived cancer. Twice.

  • Learned that strength is flexible.

  • Learned that hope does not perish. Ever.

  • Made the newspaper a few times.

  • Published in international books.

  • Own the best dog in the world.

  • Helped a few people with their art.

  • Made some people laugh along the way. 


Current questions I require answers to:  What effect does oreo chocolate have on my life? Can I even sew in a straight line? What weird things can I use to create mixed media pieces? The biggy, the question that is a constant presence lately, how can there be a pet goat in my future? If you have these or any other answers to life's great mysteries - please do get in touch! 

J xox